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Too Cute to Shoot is a first-person shooter where you control three adorable animals trying to repel an ocean invasion.

Jass Stripe the skunk, Farrah Bunny the rabbit and Spike Mike the hedgehog need your help to protect their forest from an army of technologically advanced sea mammals. Shoot a menagerie of aquatic invaders with quirky weapons unique to each character.

Stack on top of each other and switch the critters' positions to use different weapons in fast-paced gameplay! 

Made for GJL Game Parade February 2021, the theme was "Strength Lies in Differences".

Mouse to aim and shoot.
WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Q and E - Switch animals to change weapons
R - Reload
P - Pause (with tutorial information)

Unique critter-switching FPS gameplay. 
Cute 2D characters in a crafty 3D environment. 
A heart-warming story with a cast of adorable animals.
Original music and comprehensive sound design.

Aidan Lochrin - Composer and Audio Implementation
Anna Latchman - Producer and 3D Artist
Benjamin Williams- Producer, Writer and Designer
Dan Whittam - 2D Artist
Dipo Master - Generalist and Anime Connoisseur
Olly Mills - Gameplay and AI Programmer
Timbre Audio - Sound Designer

Soundtrack: https://gaiacomplex.bandcamp.com/album/too-cute-to-shoot-soundtrack


TooCuteToShoot_FINAL.zip 291 MB

Install instructions

The executable is called Doom The Hedge, the working title for the game (as it was inspired by DOOM and Over the Hedge (animated movie)).


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This game's overall style and aesthetics are amazing. I love the character design and the cardboard cutout look of the world. Unfortunately the gameplay suffers from a serious lack of feedback: enemy reactions to your shots are unsatisfying and it can be difficult to even notice you took damage, let alone why and where from (this was particularly bad against the boss where it was almost impossible to figure out why I was taking near constant damage). The guns don't feel great to shoot either, they could use punchier sound effects

The art style, cute characters and good dialogue was enough to carry the game. And I did really like it overall because of this, but the gameplay does hold it back a bit.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We just uploaded the final release of the game. We tried to fix most of the issues :)